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However if you eat carbs protien, fats, and fiber can (at least for this diabetic) have an impact on how quickly your BG rises and lowers, this is something you will have to monitor.

An all Fruit or Carb diet is very bad for a diabetic as they are very high in sugars and carbs.

As for the pain you are feeling I would go tell your doctor to have a look at your pancreas as you are describing the area of it.

Since September my morning BG numbers are just starting to be below 120 so give yourself time and be patient and consistent with your process of diabetes management.

These changes are usually signs of mild forgetfulness—often a normal part of aging—not serious memory problems.

Talk with your doctor to determine if memory and other thinking problems are normal or not, and what is causing them.

Finding the cause of the problems is important to determine the best course of action.

A note about unproven treatments: Some people are tempted by untried or unproven "cures" that claim to make the brain sharper or prevent dementia.

Low or No carb is excellent, because it is sugar and carbohydrates that affect you BG, Protein and Fats do not (at least very minimally).

Check with your doctor before trying pills, supplements or other products that promise to improve memory or prevent brain disorders.

These "treatments" might be unsafe, a waste of money, or both.

I exercise regularly, mostly walking, I have recently added some weights. Now it is very rare for me to be below 90 or above 200. This roller coaster makes me feel like I have anxiety really bad and then it turns into exhaustion and weakness and fatigue. I have tried eating frequently, I've tried to eat eating less frequently, I've tried the fasting, I've tried eating mostly fruits and vegetables, I've tried high protein, I've tried high fat.

In the beginning I had major problems with feeling hypo all the time, even when I wasn't. Since I started, my blood glucose has been between 55 and 300. A lot of times I go to sleep and it's about 100 and I wake up at in the middle of the night and it's 130 and then I wake up in the morning and it's 140.

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I do what they call "eat your meter" where you measure 1 hour and then 2 hours after you eat.