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In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries bibliographers of England became interested in mediaeval writers. His poems have been attributed to a supposititious ‘William of Ramsey,’ and to his enemy, Michael of Cornwall, as well as to various Master Henries.

Co kdyby s její pomocí trochu upravil minulost svých rodičů? Od chvíle, kdy jeho syn Matěj potká malou holčičku Klementinku, se začne všechno vyvíjet jinak. While some authors gave their names in acrostics or even in definite statements, most of them failed to take even the most elementary precautions for making their authorship known to future readers. At least one rebinding and possibly more took place. 38-46) was added which had evidently been intended to commence a volume, so elaborate is its initial letter. A modern hand, probably that of Cotton himself, has written at the top of the first poem, ‘Michael of Cornwall,’ but the evidence points to his enemy as the author. The early catalogue of the Cottonian library has the following entry about MS Vitellius D. Maria Virgine, de festivitate Omnium Sanctorum: altercatio inter Magistrum Henricum de Albrincis et Leonium Teutonicum cum aliis ejusmodi. A is very probably the book of the poems of Henry of Avranches which Matthew Paris had. 13, 15, 62, and 88 among the more important poems are apparently of other authorship.We have thus to rely upon colophons written by scribes or owners, or upon chance attributions by other and often later writers. The poem by Paulin Piper and the duplicate Lives of St Birin and St Edmund were removed. 15, a French poem, has been attributed to Rutebeuf.12. VIII, which perished in the great Cottonian fire:15. The attribution to Walter Map is probably a late guess: his contemporaries wrote his name Map. D is probably an unadulterated collection of Henry’s poems.Under these conditions a large part of mediaeval literature remains, if not anonymous, at least of uncertain authorship. Probably an effort was made to simplify the volume by removing duplicates and poems by other authors. The very popular poem on the heart and the eye (No. The titles are very much like some of the titles of Master Henry’s poems. A scattering of other poems is added: of these only No. The result of the examination gives us a great body of poems whose authorship is quite certain; upon these a substantial study of the poet may be based.Our poet has been somewhat more fortunate than many of his contemporary writers, yet the loss of a single volume, as we shall see, would have made the reconstruction of his bibliography very difficult. Of Henry of Avranches it might be said that his light was hidden not under one but under several bushels.

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Such an arrangement is chosen in the hope that it will aid in following the career and development of the poet. The evidence then indicates that A is the volume designated as the book of the poems of Henry of Avranches which Matthew Paris possessed.

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