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It’s a dream come true – mixing up both my passions in a mad recipe of investigative journalism, adventure and some of the world’s biggest mysteries – from the Ark of the Covenant to Atlantis, Nazi Gold to Nazca, from El Dorado to escaping from Devil’s Island (aka Papillion). When they asked me I thought they’d have to be either a) on medication or b) crazy. More after Christmas but in the meantime – here’s a link to a brief summary…. Have a wonderful holidays x Olly x This entry was posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at pm and is filed under none.

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However, uncovering some of the most mysterious items in history requires a lot of luck as well, and viewers get a front row seat.

to be the most valuable piece of looted art in the world.Olly Steeds, for his part, does a wonderful and articulate job of telling a story of the City of Gold.But at times, even he falls into the trap of turning the story into some kind of "Ghost Adventures" knock off.Olly attempts to find out why a people that lived a few thousand years ago would build such a large imprint that can only be seen from the air.Some suggest it is alien related, while others say they were constructed for their gods.

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