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Brief descriptions of 66 cases of children and teenagers, from four to 19 years of age, who were either formally admonished by their schools or criminally prosecuted as a result of innocent or consensual sexual acts.

Each case is documented by at least one reference to reputable news reports and/or court documents.

His family takes him home at lunchtime to keep him away from his classmates.

Some parents wanted him expelled and one family withdrew their daughter to protect her.

In this listing, the date indicated (if known) after the location is the date charges were filed in the case, unless marked otherwise.

Three and a half years later, an appellate court threw out the conviction, expressing regret that it could not undo the punishments that had already been imposed, except for removing the registration requirement and ordering the DNA sample destroyed. A ten-year-old boy was adjudicated for touching the genitals of his five-year-old cousin. — 1996 (act)A ten-year-old boy abused his six-year-old sister, touching her vagina and forcing her to touch his penis.

Denver, Colorado — November 25, 2006 (act)A ten-year-old boy was arrested and taken away in handcuffs, charged with "aggravated incest" after a neighbor reported seeing him "improperly touching her when the two were playing in the garden."U. His father said, “ My son doesn’t really understand what sex is, so it’s hard to help him understand why he has to register as a sex offender.” No Easy Answers: Sex Offender Laws in the US by Sarah Tofte with research by Corinne Carey, Human Rights Watch, September 12, 2007. This occurred a number of times over several years.

The local authority sent in 'behaviour support workers' to advise the school on how to deal with him and they are working with the boy's parents to 'modify' his behaviour." ‘Don’t Shoot, We’re Your Children’ — Have We Gone Too Far in Our Response to Adolescent Sexual Abusers and Children with Sexual Behavior Problems?

— by Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, Child Maltreatment, November 1998 Lorain, Ohio — March 2006 (act)"[S]chool officials … executed an 'emergency removal' of an 8-year-old boy who they say sexually harassed a girl in gym class.

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He was suspended from school for three days for sexually harassing the girl.

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