Polyandry dating sites pensacola fl dating singles chat

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Polyandry dating sites pensacola fl

If any of his way was not followed then I had to be prepared for a...Where do i start this story..years ago, when my husband and I were very young, he brought up the idea of a *********.i never dreamed i would be it this circumstance...i kinda have 2 husbands..1st husband was best friends with the my second husband(spiritually married since it is illegal to marry the 2nd) and it is kinda neat cus they're not sexual towards eachother..like brothers only... About two and a half years ago, I went to France on a company sponsored trip.I was to work in the French head office of our company.Chores are shared, such as picking up kids from school, making dinner, etc. They both cared for eachother but he was in the army and was sent away. I welcome the idea of my wife have a second husband. We used to be very close but since high school we've drifted apart a little.We live together in a three bedroom home in Fresno, California.I've been in a polyandrous relationship for almost a year now. I've been with my legal 1st husband since I was 15 years old. We've had a very healthy relationship and I've never felt as though I was not receiving enough love or support... My husband and I met 7 yrs ago and have been together for almost 6 years now.I love him with all my heart and we have two beautiful children.

My brother is married to his wife for about three years now.

I would like to know if there is a polyandrous woman who can be really concerned about equal treatment between each of her 2 husbands or 2 boyfriends...

I have always known that my boyfriend is bisexual, it was part of the reason I fell for him.

I don't have this type of relationship myself, nor do I think I would want to. we are so tierd of bs with false promises or false websites, we are jusst really looking to find common ground with like... Because I very much care about their happiness, I don't think I'm selfish, but maybe I am...

As a younger girl I always dreamed of falling madly in love with a good man, getting married, having children and all that good stuff. I'm married, happily, to L who is not a jealous type. Then the second husband would have rights to insurance, be able to be on a lease or deed, be able to be a beneficiary without going through additional paperwork, etc.

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