Palmtops online dating

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Palmtops online dating

(6) The results of a March 2001 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project also revealed that as Americans gain experience on the Internet, "They use the Web more at work, write emails with more significant content, perform more online transactions, and pursue more activities online." (7) Christians and Computers How involved are Christians with computers?Steve Hewitt claims that Christians have had a slow start when it comes to computer usage.Among the Net-based religious endeavors deemed most appealing were listening to archived religious teaching, reading online 'devotionals,' and buying religious products and resources online.(25) Of all the Net-based religious activities, the most attractive option for Christians was listening to religious teaching online.In his article, "Christian Scholarship and The Philosophical Analysis of Cyberspace Technologies," Douglas Groothuis points out that the recent explosion of cyberspace technologies into modern culture has raised some important issues and questions for Christian scholars who want to bring a Christian perspective to computer-mediated forms of communication.

First, this work will survey how Americans in general and Christians in particular are using computers and the Internet.

(26) Since the impact of computers and the Internet is so vast, it is nearly impossible to address all the specific opportunities and concerns that these technologies bring.

Nevertheless, this section will address four key issues associated with computer technology.

A study by the Barna Research Group, revealed that "Born again Christians have the same rate of adoption of modern technology as do adults who are not born again." (10) This assertion holds true in the area of home computers.

Barna's research indicated that two-thirds of professing born again Christians owned a personal computer, fifty-six percent owned a desktop computer, sixteen percent owned a laptop/notebook PC, and seven percent owned a palmtop computer.

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