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Bonecrusher would then reveal the Constructicons' ability to combine by forming Devastator, who was blasted by Optimus Prime into lava.

Hook and the other Constructicons would later appear in New York City, bringing down, then re-erecting the Empire State Building as a Cybertronian fortress.

He and his team merged into Devastator in order to battle alongside Bruticus and Menasor against their Autobot counterparts Superion, Defensor and Omega Supreme.

The fight was fairly evenly matched until Galvatron called up his ace-in-the-hole, Predaking, whose power was unmatched by any of the Autobots...

When Blitzwing refused, they merged into Devastator and attacked him, but soon enough Megatron returned and defeated both of them.

Present at the Battle of Autobot City, Hook helped to breach the Autobot defenses as part of Devastator, who withstood an Autobot attack.

A few Constructicons, including Hook, came with Megatron as he searched for their crashed spaceship in the jungles of South America.It is only fitting that he should form the head and shoulders.Finally, Megatron built Hook, who, with his fellow Constructicons, would attempt to deal with Teletraan I, only to be thwarted by the Dinobots.After a fanfare and the death of Starscream at the hands (or cannon) of Galvatron, Hook and his fellow surviving Decepticons joined in the hunt for the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.On an island paradise, Hook and the Constructicons were performing excavation work for Megatron's new fortress, at the cost of the natural resources and precious animals. Despite their vast power, Trypticon and the combined Devastator failed to defeat the Autobots due to their lack of teamwork, and the Constructicons were knocked back into their component parts.

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During the mission, however, the Constructicons got dominator disks snuck onto them by a group of Autobots, with Wheeljack blasting one onto Hook with his shoulder cannon.

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