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Aand [c] spirit; [SJaell soul; [Spegelse osv] spectre, ghost, phantom; [Forstand, Genl] mind, intellect. rank breath; bringe en i — draw one out; holde on I — keep one at it; holdo Folk I — keep attention on the alert; kommo i — become warm, warm to one's work; vmre I — be In- spired, be in, be In vein; komme til — Igen recover one's breath. Aandejdragr -drat breath, breathing, respira- tion; ligge i det sidtte — be breathing one's last, be at the last gasp; til sidtte — to the last gasp; I et og samme — at a breath. -dratstystem re- spiratory system, -kiemt [a] ^thmatlc. weakness of mind, -evakkelse mental debt -udvikling mental development. , An lab I e [vt] [mar] touch at, call at; [Staal] temper; [vi] become oxidized, tarnished; lade — blaa blue; lade en Flint — bronze a gun. - Ansigt [n] face; countenance, look, looks, mien, visage; skare -er ad en make [wry] faces, make mouths at one; se en lige i -et look one [full] in the face; blive iang i -st look blank, make el. iigo i -ot tell one [st] [right] to his face; tatte et ai- vorligt — op put on a grave face; staa — til — mod stand face to face with.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I ■MM . nu^^c A r DAN8K-N0KSK-ENGEL8K ORDBOG UDGIVET AF JOHANNES MAGNUSSEN K0BENHAVN GYLDENDALSKE BOGHANDELS FORLAG FR. •mundet [a] babbling, tattling, -mundethed [c] talkativeness, garrulity. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Intelligence, genius; -en og Materien mind and matter; den menneakellge — the human mind; den hellige — the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit; ena gode, onde, — one's good, evil spirit; en Mand af — a man of genius, ol high intelligence; atoro -or great minds; Spro- geta — the genius of language; Lovena, Tidens — the spirit of the laws, of the time el. Aandelig [a] intellectual, mental, spiritual; ghostly; -e Betragtnlnger religious meditations; -e Evner intellectual el. Aar [nj year, twelvemonth; et halvt six months; hvert andet — every two ya every other year; — og Dag a year an day, d T. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. mental faculties; — Fade intellectual food; -e Qaver spiritual gifts; I — Henseende intellectually el. [lang Tid] an age; han er ikke t — he is not twenty, he is in his teens; ad naste — next year; I Dag ad -e this day twd month; -et after next year; for manure — w years ago; — far — , fra — til — year by y off. P^fp8Bl|e [vt] [afdele] pale off; [afmserke, og- EL fig] stake out; [Grund] pile. -Ing [c] settling account, final accounts; [fig] gore — med I quit scores with one. Appetit [c] appetite, stomach; faa, give — get, give, an appetite, -lig [a] appetizing, nice, de Ucate. Aqplaujdera [vt] applaud, -s [c] applause, plaudits. Apporterfe [vt] fetch and carry, -hund re- triever. Verdsllg [a] temporal, secular, worldly, mundane; den -e Magt the secular power.

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Annullere 16 Antii Annuiljere [ti] annul, render null and yoid; [Juridiskj defeat, -ation, -ring [c] annulment. set on foot Investigations, make conduct an Inquiry; -« Fors^g make e ments; — Botragtnlngor make.

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  2. This is perhaps the biggest and most financially damaging mistake that expats can make. Yes, I know there are many successful Internet relationships. I also know many, many horror stories here from guys that come, fall in love, and get burned. Again, there are dozens of web sites filled with stories of people getting scammed.