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In these discussions, I find it important to come prepared with education, honesty, and, if you’re comfortable sharing, your own story.While statistics and academia stand as fact, I find that it is one’s personal story that sheds the most light on the realities of the disease and begin to deconstruct stigmas.I find myself in a positive dating relationship with a partner who is open to and accepting of my story.I followed my dream of moving to a city that could accommodate my zest and active lifestyle needs.

*HSV-1: Commonly known as oral herpes, but can present orally (cold sores) or genitally. Myths about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 10 Things You Need to Know About STDs Emily Depasse is a Philly-based writer, yogi, and aspiring sex therapist who intertwines her creative spark with holistic health, fitness, and sexual wellness.We all have stories — some are good, some are bad, and others fall somewhere in between.In healthy relationships and friendships, we reach a point where we have developed enough trust to feel comfortable sharing very intimate pieces of our stories.After my diagnosis, my romantic perspective shifted to fear.When people reach out to me about living with herpes, their number one question is usually about dating.

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For example, my current partner simply asked, “What do I need to do to protect myself?