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Essex traffic cameras

A very detailed explanation of what those cameras do is on Missouri's DOT website.

They don't record images of the vehicle's driver or license plate and those images are not stored.

Road weather information systems provide real time information via standard communication tools (phone lines and computer network) statewide.

These sites are located in strategic locations to provide accurate real time weather information.

Drivers often mistake traffic cameras which are located on the traffic pole.

These cameras are monitoring traffic flow only and do not issue photo enforced tickets.

Montana's Road Weather Information System (RWIS) consists of 73 sites across the state.The specter of a ban has prompted Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz to not count on the million to .5 million in annual revenue from speed and red light cameras in the city’s fiscal 2018 general fund budget, which will be adopted by City Council in March and starts July 1, 2017.“In order to be cautious we are going to exclude that revenue,” Pomeranz said.Cameras mounted on top of traffic lights are sensors to control traffic light timing, according to the Department of Transportation.They replace "loop" sensors, which are buried in the road at intersections.

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(Liz Martin/The Gazette)Traffic cameras are installed on signs northbound on Interstate 380 at J Avenue in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday, Dec. More than 60,000 tickets were issued from that traffic camera location in 2015.