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Definition of sexism webster

By highlighting sexism, we alleviate discrimination. Alleviating discrimination for only one sex would be — by definition — sexist. So let’s have a look at how a number of popular dictionaries define and illustrate sexism.sexism noun sex·ism \ˈsek-ˌsi-zəm\ : (1) prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women (2) behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex Four major dictionaries employ a definition of sexism which, by their own definition, is sexist.

This troubling treatment of sexism is not confined to the major dictionaries.

One explanation is feminism’s problematic women should be visible.

Yet sexism toward men is also visible, falsifying the hypothesis.

There was the Women's March on Washington in January, along with sister demonstrations around the globe.

to take a step towards gender equality, by proving wrong those who tell women that they can’t complain because we are equal.The previous tactic of releasing women and girls and shooting, burning alive, and cutting the throats of male infants and school boys (described as ‘children’ in news reports), and men simply failed to attract enough attention.But sexism’s failure of empathy for fellow human beings which, in an individual, would be treated as a psychopathic mental illness, demands further explanation.To do otherwise is to concede the patriarchy and, with it, the core of feminist ideology. As the repulsiveness of gender feminism increases, the number of women identifying as feminists is falling.Inclusiveness allows feminism to hollow itself out, while providing a humane alternative which focusses instead on healing divisions and building equality between men and women. Not the alienating awareness of angry bitterness, or the stultifying awareness of lobotomised half truth.

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hypothesis is a set of dependent claims that (1) men as a class dominate women as a class to (2) enforce gender roles which (3) establishes a social system which (4) oppresses women.

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